Energize is a Respite Event which is an opportunity for parents and caregivers of children with special needs to enjoy a kids free evening! Our volunteers will give the kids a night of fun activities designed for kids with special needs and their siblings. Space is limited so be sure to register early! Let’s get ENERGIZED!






When and where is the event?

Energize will be held on Saturday January 5, 2019 at Storyside Church from 6-8p.

Will the event cost me anything?

No, the event is completely free! We only ask that you register your child and siblings ahead of time so we can plan accordingly.

What happens after I register?

You will receive a confirmation email immediately following the completion of your registration forms. Also, a week prior to the event you will receive a reminder email.

What happens if I need to cancel?

If you find you are no longer able to attend, please give at least 24-hour notice by contacting Ashley Billotte 419-512-6598 by text or email energize@storysidechurch.com.

What ages will be accepted into the event?

We will accept ages 3-14. This is also true for the age of the siblings that come along.

Will food be provided at the event?

Light snacks will be provided which will include organic applesauce, gluten-free pretzels, and water. If your child has a food allergy or special diet please include this information on your registration form.

Do the caregivers need to stay on location during the event?

No, this is an opportunity for the caregivers and parents to have an evening to themselves. We just ask that the children are picked up promptly at 8pm.

Are siblings welcome?

Yes, siblings of the children with special needs are welcome to come along as well. Please indicate on the registration form how many siblings will be in attendance so volunteers can plan accordingly. Siblings must also be of the ages 3-14. There is no cap on the number of siblings allowed, but the children must reside with the child with special needs.
The idea behind allowing siblings to attend is to offer a night for parents and caregivers to have an evening alone and kid free!

How do I know my child/children are going to be safe?

Storyside will conduct background checks on all volunteers. The volunteers will include a safety team who will guard all entrance/exits to the Church, medically trained professionals (i.e. Nurses and/or first responders), behavior specialists including trained social workers, and
various other volunteers who will be helping to make this a successful fun night for all involved!

How do I sign up?

The Registration Form can be found at the top of this page or you can click below.


Registration forms can also be picked up at the Connect Center or mailed to your home address.

How do I volunteer for this event?

The Volunteer Registration Form can also be found at the top of this page or you can click below.


Once the form is completed, you will be contacted by a Storyside volunteer/staff member.

What type of volunteers are needed?

We will need individuals to work one on one with children with special needs aka “Buddies.” The buddies do not have to be specially trained or even have any special needs experience. The volunteer form will ask specific questions about your experience or lack thereof and you will be paired up based on that info. We are also in need of medical professionals such as nurses, doctors, firefighters, EMTs, or anyone able to help out during a medical emergency. We are also in need of behavior specialists. This will include individuals who have specific training in dealing with any adverse behaviors that may occur from those with special needs. This may include social workers, counselors, or teachers. We need people to work the stations we will have set up such as bounce houses, craft table, hair/nail station…We will also need individuals willing to provide safety for all those involved including sitting at each entrance/exit. Still not sure how you may be able to help?? Just fill out the volunteer form and we can find a job you are comfortable helping with.

Who do I contact for additional information?

Ashley Billotte:

Phone: 419-512-6598 (text or call)

Email: energize@storysidechurch.com