Our Story

Who we are

 Who we are

Our church has been and remains a community where new stories are being written for people’s lives each week. Stories of marriages saved and strengthened. Stories of addictions being broken. Stories of emotional healing and hope restored. But life isn’t just a story of victories, but rather a culmination of experiences that God uses to shape us into who we are. Our name captures that both sides of your story matter and everyday is another opportunity to live your story and begin life again.

Who we are

Where life
begins again.

Where Life Begins Again is more than a slogan for us. Where Life Begins Again is an invitation for people to experience second, third, fourth, and fifth chances in their faith, their relationships, and with their God-given purpose. It’s a challenge to each of us to pursue God daily and start each day with a new mindset leaving behind the past and pressing onward each day toward God’s purpose for our lives. Our hope is that Storyside would continue to be a place where people feel safe, encouraged, and challenged to daily pursue God’s purpose for all areas of their lives.

Your story matters

Your story   matterS  

“Both sides of the story matter. The   struggles and the pain that God   brought you through have helped   shape you, but now you have a new   story to tell.”   

– Pastor Micah Pelkey   

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