Our church has the opportunity to uniquely serve our church, communities, and the world around us in many different ways.
Each of our ministries function as the hands and feet of Jesus.

1. Worship

We lead and display a posture of worship, as we allow the Holy Spirit to fill the atmosphere. 

2. Production

We serve diligently behind the scenes to support our teams and pastors who serve on stage in any capacity of song, message, or video.

3. Creatives

We serve to creatively communicate the vision and mission of our church and the message of Jesus to the world around us.

4. Storyside Kids

Through worship, games, and great Bible stories, we teach God’s values at an age appropriate level.

5. Safety

We take pride in strategically providing a safe and secure atmosphere for our church to worship, learn, and grow.

6. Excellence

When we serve, we strive to create a clean and inviting space for people to worship, grow, and experience Jesus. 

7. Building and Grounds Maintenance 

Things are continually growing here, and there are always things to improve as well as new projects! We help bring visions to life. 

8. Prayer Team

We join our church in praying for and with each other to help find freedom from the burdens of life. 

9. Meal Train Ministry

We take delight in being able to provide meals for those recovering from medical procedures, child births, or other life events. 

10. Nursing Home Ministry

We share words of hope and healing, to visit someone who may need it, and to remind them that they are not forgotten.

11. Prison Ministry

We lead people to Christ and see them start their lives over in ways productive to society and pleasing to God.

12. Life Groups

We organize groups and atmospheres for others to grow closer together and in Christ!

13. Freedom Nights

We help others recovery from their hurts, habits, and hangup's -- helping them find freedom in life! 

14. Storyside Moms

We come along side each other as mother's and grandmothers to help each other as we navigate life together! 

15. Parking Lot Team

We take great joy in being the first group of people you meet when coming onto our property, welcoming all who join us! 

16. Ushers

We are part of reaching each person that walks through the doors and making sure that each person feels loved and cared for!

17. Medical Team

We are dedicated to providing medical attention when necessary to those who may need it!

18. Info Center

Our goal is to make sure everyone in our church finds the information they need, whether it is for an event or taking those next steps in life! 

19. Greeters/Hospitality Team

When you walk into our church, we want you to feel welcomed, loved, and valued. We are so glad that you are here! 

20. Baptism Ministry

We help those seeking a new chapter in life by walking them through the steps of baptism. 

21. Baby Dedications

We help organize a monumental day for many families, the day they dedicate their child to the Lord. 

22. Harvest Party

Our fall harvest party is our largest community event, reaching upwards of 5,000 people, showing them Jesus through fun and activities. 

23. Family Fun Nights

We work energetically and with excitement to create events designed for the families in our church! 

24. Parades and Fairs

Our fairs and parades are an excellent way to connect with our communities and let them know more about Storyside! 

25. Conferences

We carefully collaborate to create unique experiences for people to experience Jesus through conference settings.

26. Cafe 

We serve our church through providing hot and cold coffee beverages, hot teas, pastries, and more on Sunday mornings! 

27. Bookstore

We provide a space for our church to purchase Storyside apparel, books that are rich in insight, and other items to add value to their day. 

28. Middle School 

We provide an atmosphere for our middle school students to encounter Jesus through lessons and activities designed for them. 

29. Young Adults 

We serve young adults and those in their twenties, providing a space for them to connect and grow their relationship with Jesus!

30. The Vision Youth

Our high school and middle school students join together to worship, learn about Jesus, grow, and build relationships.

31.) The YTH Conference

The YTH Conference is a summer camp designed to unify and grow our students together in Christ in a camp atmosphere. 

32. Summer Serve

Through summer serve, we work with our students and young adults on concepts and principles of ministries and serving.

33. Outreach Ministry

We have the great opportunity to show love, encouragement, & comfort to our surrounding communities.

34. Missions

Through our missions ministry we are able to serve the world abroad through aid and support. 

35. Champions Club

Our goal is to connect kids into a growing relationship with Jesus to lead them to a better future.

36. Vacation Bible School

Our goal is to connect kids into a growing relationship with Jesus to lead them to a better future.

37.  Reboot Combat Recovery

We serve to heal from the hidden wounds of war. REBOOT is a 12-week
spiritually-centered PTSD recovery program that heals the spouse as well as the veteran.


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